Video News: Black Mirror Scenarios, FANTASTIC promos, and much more...

Love is in the air in all PlayAttack Brands

Hey, is there anyone out there who REALLY enjoys Valentine’s Day and all of that crap? Brrrr, me neither. How about a cooler Valentine’s Day that you can spend with the true love of your life? Haha, sound fun? Then you’ll like what I’m about to say! 

80 000 euros — that’s the prize fund for the Booongo Love Carnival tournament series, which is popping off across all of our brands from February 4th to February 17th. The tournament has 2 identical rounds that last one week. Every round will include 6 regular day-long tournaments, with 5 000 euros at stake in each one.

Wait, wait, I’m getting there! After each round, 250 players with the best results will split up another 10 000 euros among them. This will happen automatically on February 10th and 17th, so don’t forget to check your profile on these days.

I hope you’ll see a couple hundred extra euros there — and go get a ridiculously big teddy bear for your loved one, or maybe a subscription to some naughty website for yourself. Love you!

Two Brand new PROMOS for Mr Bit Casino

Hey guys! My people from Mr. Bit Casino asked me to let you know they’ve just launched two neat promos where you can rake in a whole boatload of free spins every week, starting now and for all of eternity!

Every Thursday from midnight and until 11:59 p.m, the promo section will have this Сyber wheel of luck for you, with a random number of free spins you can claim if you spin it juuust right… oh, and make a deposit over 25 euros… that’s better! The wheel can land you up to 150 free spins – all of them in your favorite NetEnt slots, so don’t miss your chance. 

And to make the rest of your week just as exciting, Mr. Bit came up with yet another super fun thing called Weekend free spins giveaway! Now, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you’ll have a bonus of 20, 25, and 30 free spins waiting for you in your profile. You’ll just need to make these deposits right here to activate it. 

These are either top or brand new slots, and they change every week or two. Here’s what this week has to offer, so don’t forget to check your profile on Friday at midnight. Bon appetit!

Mystery! Money went missing from a Korean Casino!

Howdy! Today’s news has everything to qualify for a blockbuster: a remote island, a bunch of money, a woman who vanished, and… a real casino robbery! Why am I even so excited about it?

Anyway, the Korean Shinwa World casino recently announced that they’ve misplaced $13 million bucks, cash. Moreover, the security camera footage from that day has been erased, and the casino executive responsible for keeping the money safe went on vacation and never returned. Hmmmm… nah, probably just a coincidence

What’s interesting though is that the stolen money weighed around 280 kilos, and the casino itself is located on an island smack in the middle of the ocean. So if you come across a super jacked woman who is also a suspiciously good swimmer, give the Korean police a heads up. You might even get a reward. See ya!

Facial recognition with mask is the new reality

Hey guys! Today’s serious news is pretty damn serious indeed, because it’s about facial recognition. The Japanese company NEC has come up with a technology that can identify your face even if you’re wearing a mask. All it needs is for the eyes and the upper part of your face to be visible, and it gets tracking.

The NEC claims that the whole process takes just a second, and the accuracy is 99.9%! Um, did my text just get mixed up with a Black Mirror script … no? Oh…okay.

Anyway, nobody has seen this thing in action yet, but other NEC products are already being used by the Metropolitan Police, Lufthansa and Swiss Airlines, so it sounds legit.

And considering how eager land-based casinos all over the world are to implement verification procedures and facial recognition technologies, this looks like our near future. 

Haha, it doesn't work on me! Guess I’ll be walking around in this guy for a bit then. Or even start my own helmet brand and get rich, hahaha. Hit me up if you need one. See ya.