WowPot: A progressive jackpot by Microgaming on all PlayAttack Brands

Did you know that all PlayAttack brands, including SlotV Casino, Frank Casino and Mr Bit Casino, feature a special four-tiered online progressive jackpot from Microgaming, called WowPot?

Make sure to inform your players what this progressive jackpot is all about — they would not want to miss out on the opportunity to try the qualifying games, and why not, if lucky enough, hit the jackpot.

This article sets out to explain:

  • how progressive jackpots work
  • the difference between progressive jackpot slots and regular jackpots
  • how the WowPot jackpot works
  • how your players could trigger it should they choose to play one of the progressive slot games
  • how to participate in the WowPot tournaments organized by all PlayAttack brands 

Microgaming's WowPot Jackpot

Players can win the progressive jackpot by playing one of the following five (5) Microgaming slot games: Wheel of Wishes, Book of Atem: WowPot, Sisters of Oz: WowPot, African Legends, and Sherlock and Moriarty: Wowpot.

Each WowPot jackpot title feeds into the same pot and specifies the jackpot available to players.

All these games feature a different theme. The "Wheel of Wishes: WowPot" slot game takes players to the magical Arabian desert. "Book of Atem: WowPot" takes place in ancient Egypt, while the "Sisters of Oz: WowPot" give players access to the magical land of Oz, where four witch sisters cast their magic spells on anyone who enters the lands. The "African Legends: WowPot" slot game allows players to embark on a thrilling African adventure. Finally, for the players who enjoy a good, old detective story, “Sherlock and Moriarty: WowPot” would be an excellent choice. 

We'll be covering every game in more detail, so continue reading the article if you'd like to know more about the progressive jackpot slot games that participate in Microgaming's WowPot jackpot.

What is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases each time players place a qualifying bet but don't win the jackpot. In other words, the more people bet on the specific progressive jackpot slot game, and the longer someone does not manage to hit the jackpot, the bigger the jackpot prize. For instance, the more people play Microgaming's "African Legends" (or any other progressive jackpot slot from the list mentioned above), the more they contribute to the jackpot amount. 

Progressive jackpot slots usually take a small percentage of every qualifying bet and add it to the jackpot. The more online casinos offer the same game, and the more people bet on it, the bigger the pot. Therefore, a lucky player can witness a seven-digit win on a single spin when it comes to progressive slot games.

If one player from any online casino with the specific progressive jackpot slot game wins the jackpot, the prize fund is reset to a pre-set value. For the Microgaming WowPot progressive jackpot, the starting seed is €2,000,000!

Players can win the progressive jackpot at random after any qualifying spin.

What's the difference between regular slots and progressive jackpot slots?

Even regular slots have jackpots. The difference with the progressive jackpot is that these jackpots are fixed and are always worth the same amount no matter how many times they're won. So, for instance, a regular slot can have a jackpot worth 500x your bet amount. Therefore, with the common jackpots, the jackpot amount depends on the amount of your bet. For instance, if you had placed a €20 bet, the jackpot amount, in this case, would be €10,000 (500 x €20).

Microgaming's WowPot Jackpot

Microgaming's progressive jackpot network has paid out over €1.2 billion to date and is a four-tier progressive jackpot. Here are the four available tiers with the starting jackpot prize fund amounts listed.

  • Mini: seeded at €10
  • Minor: seeded at €100
  • Major: seeded at €50,000
  • WowPot: seeded at €2,000,000

Each WowPot game comes with different ways of triggering the WowPot jackpot wheel. Once it is triggered, a large jackpot wheel will appear and take up the screen. The various coloured slices on the wheel represent the different jackpot levels (Mini, Minor, Major, WowPot). Players can then spin the wheel to discover which jackpot they've unlocked (depending on the colour it lands on). 

However, in the "African Legends" slot game, only the Major tier of the WowPot jackpot is available. Players who achieve eight (or more) consecutive rolls via "Rolling Reels" wins are awarded the jackpot in "African Legends."

How is the progressive jackpot triggered in each qualifying game?

As mentioned above, the WowPot jackpot can be triggered in different ways depending on the selected game. In some games, the jackpot wheel is triggered when players land a specific set of symbols, while in other games, the wheel can be triggered randomly. 

  • In the "Wheel of Wishes: WowPot" progressive jackpot slot game, the WowPot can be triggered during a Power Spin when players land a giant wheel symbol. The minimum bet for this slot game is €0,20.
  • In "Book of Atem: WowPot", the book symbol acts as wilds and scatter symbols and can trigger the WowPot jackpot. The minimum bet for the Egypt-themed slot game is €0,10.
  • In "Sisters of Oz: WowPot", players need to collect the progressive jackpot symbols for a chance to trigger the jackpot bonus game. Players can place small bets of €0,20 to play the slot game.
  • In "African Legends," players need to achieve eight or more consecutive rolls via Rolling Reels wins to win the jackpot. The minimum qualifying bet amount is set to €0.25.
  • In “Sherlock and Moriarty: WowPot” players would need to collect Sherlock’s magnifying glasses to unlock the jackpot.

WowPot tournaments on PlayAttack Brands

As mentioned above, all the brands represented by our affiliate program have prepared special tournaments featuring Microgaming’s WowPot jackpot games. However, if you’re not keen on exploring a progressive jackpot slot game, there’s still a possibility to try other offerings from the same game provider, while also standing a chance to make it on top of the tournament leaderboard. More specifically:

SlotV Casino: The action starts on April 2 at SlotV Casino and runs up until April 8. The tournament has €2,000 up for grabs, and the top player will rake in €500. The list of the qualifying games, the terms and conditions of the tournament and the distribution of prize places can all be found on the relevant tournament page on SlotV Casino.

Frank Casino: The WowPot tournament will run on from April 10 till April 19. There will be €10,000 up for grabs, and the amount will be split between the 100 players who gather the most points with their qualifying bets of €0,50 or higher. You can access the entire list of the qualifying games by visiting the relevant section dedicated to the tournament on the Frank Casino page. 

Mr Bit Casino: From May 1 up until May 10, Mr Bit Casino will also join forces with Microgaming to host the WowPot tournament. The prize fund for the tournament amounts to  €4,000 and there will be 40 winners in total. Your players will be able to access the list of qualifying Microgaming slots, and more details on the distribution of the prize fund closer to the tournament date.

Final thoughts

If your players enjoy slot games with stunning graphics, impressive sound effects and a progressive jackpot, make sure you let them know that they could enjoy these at SlotV Casino, Frank Casino, and Mr Bit Casino

They could be the next lucky winners who manage to hit the WowPot jackpot!

Visit the dedicated WowPot jackpot page created by Microgaming to access more info on the games, the frequently asked questions and some interesting figures on the previous wins!