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Online casino streamers — who are they?

Streamers use a live streaming service (such as Twitch or YouTube) to broadcast themselves while performing a specific activity. Online casino streaming, in particular, has been gaining popularity throughout the past years. Simply put, casino streamers are experienced players who share their knowledge with their viewers while playing casino games online.

Streaming online casino games became a thing in 2016 when “Casino and Gambling” were added as a category on Twitch, a popular streaming platform. Today, slot streamers and those who want to follow them throughout their casino journey are regulars on Twitch. During these streams, the audience follows the gaming experience of the casino streamer, and the streamer typically interacts with the viewers and comments on their gameplay.

Some Twitch and YouTube casino streamers have made serious careers out of playing casino games.

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How to make money as a casino streamer?

Casino streamers team up with game developers and affiliate programs representing certain gambling operators and work on promoting their products. There are various types of deals that you can work with as a casino streamer — you can place a casino logo, play games at a specific casino site, or test a new game launched by the game provider that you’ve partnered up with. Sometimes, streamers can even receive early access to new games before anyone else gets it, which means that their viewers get an exclusive sneak peek of the game.

Casino streamers also use affiliate links to promote particular online casinos. In this way, they earn a commission for their viewers who register with the advertised casino and make a successful deposit.

That’s not all. The great thing about being a casino streamer is that you can have multiple “streams” of income at the same time. See what I did there?

1. Donations

When casino streamers build up a trusted community of followers who are consistently engaged and entertained by their content, many choose to support the good work being done by donating to the stream.

Casino streamers can then use the money gained from these donations to improve their set-ups by purchasing better equipment, and thus, taking their streaming game up a level.

2. Pre-roll Ads & Ad Breaks

Casino streamers can also monetise their streams on both YouTube and Twitch by making use of pre-roll ads and ad breaks. Pre-rolls, as the name suggests, are ads that play when the user selects the stream. Ad breaks, on the other hand, are ads that roll mid-stream. Casino streamers can start making use of these types of ads once they establish themselves as being regularly active on their channel.

3. Entering Competitions

This one’s exciting. Casino streamers will regularly come across competitions involving different casino sites for them to enter for a chance to win fantastic prizes and even cash!

Therefore, it is clear by now that as a casino streamer, you have plenty of options that can help you make money online. PlayAttack Affiliates is one of them.

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Become a PlayAttack streamer!

Your role as a streamer with PlayAttack is sharing your gaming experience with your audience while playing your favourite slot games on our casino brands.

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As a PlayAttack streamer, you get access to three trusted and reputable online casino brands — SlotV Casino, Frank Casino and Mr Bit Casino. All our casinos have a massive selection of casino games on their sites from various (smaller and bigger) game providers in the casino industry.

If you are an online casino streamer, who wants to start working with PlayAttack, or want to know more about our affiliate program, use the button below and register an account with us!

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What Do You Need To Start Streaming?

It’s a common misconception that you need to have the best equipment and fanciest set up to become a successful casino streamer. Sure, these things add to the quality and experience for your viewers, but are not an absolute necessity when you are just starting out. You can invest in fancy upgrades once you are an established casino streamer and can allocate the required funds.

To start off, all you really need is a functioning PC, a microphone, a camera, and a stable internet connection. You will then need to download ‘Open Broadcast Software’, a free program that allows you to stream and is highly recommended by Twitch. Overall, acquiring these things is very affordable, creating a low entry barrier for those wanting to kickstart their career in online casino streaming!

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The Top 5 Casino Streamers Right Now

Whilst it is very much possible to make a successful career out of online casino streaming, getting to that point is not easy. You must be dedicated enough to put in the hard work required to make it.

Luckily, casino streaming is still relatively new, meaning that there is still plenty of room for exciting, new streamers to enter the frame. Here are some of the biggest names trending in the world of online casino streaming right now:

  • Roshtein

Roshtein is one of the biggest casino streamers to date, despite only streaming since 2016. The Swedish casino streamer currently boasts 593,000 followers on Twitch, and once secured €1,000,000 in ‘Book of Shadows’!

Furthermore, Roshtein has described himself as a “Casino-philosopher with an incredible technique”, showcasing his confident streaming personality, something which has been a likely contributor to his great success.

  • Xposed

Cody, a 24-year-old casino streamer that goes by the name ‘Xposed’ is second on the list of the biggest casino streamers in the world, behind Roshtein. Xposed has been streaming for a total of six years, amassing a total of 362,000 Twitch followers in that time. He once won $500,000 whilst playing ‘Crazy Time,’ in what has been his biggest win so far.

  • ClassyBeef

Next up is ClassyBeef. This casino streaming channel is slightly different to the rest, as it consists of a team of seven people! They currently have 173,000 followers, and since they began streaming casino games in late 2018, they have received a whopping 14.3 million views!

  • CasinoDaddy

CasinoDaddy has been around since 2016 and now has just over 156,000 followers to its name. Similarly to ClassyBeef, CasinoDaddy is made up of more than just one person. The channel consists of three Swedish casino enthusiasts, all contributing to its quick growth through their charismatic selves and passion for online casino gaming.

  • Bidule

Bidule is considered the leader of online casino streaming in France, with over 151,000 followers. Moreover, Bidule has gained a total of 7.18 million views on its streams since the channel’s inception back in late 2016.

These are just a few of the many casino streaming success stories in recent years that should serve as a great source of inspiration and motivation for all aspiring casino streamers!

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