Email Marketing Done Well: 15 Tips To Skyrocket your Email Subscriptions

Email marketing might seem like an outdated strategy that you had long ago put on a top shelf, in an attempt to focus on the new digital opportunities. However, this seemingly retro method has proven to be one of the primary drivers of traffic and has been labeled as one of the main ways we communicate with our customers.

Email marketing is personal and targeted towards people who have already expressed interest in your business. It is, therefore, easier to convert these people into active users. With email marketing, you don’t have to worry about changes in algorithms, and you can focus on pitching your product instead. It also allows you to keep the people who have already converted engaged and extend their lifecycle. 

It should now be clear why email marketing is extremely important in your attempt to grow your business. However, many of you might be wondering: how do you actually convince people to subscribe to your newsletter?

PlayAttack has conducted a little research and put together a list of 15 tips that will help you skyrocket your email subscriptions.

Embed A Data Capture Form Onto Your Website

The trick here is to make it as easy as possible to subscribe to your newsletter. You should, therefore, put the data capture form on a visible spot of your webpage — be it the header, the sidebar, or the footer. Your data capture form should be short and to the point. Ask users for their name (to help you with personalization later on), or simply for their email if you’d like to further minimize the number of steps required. The fewer clicks it takes, the more likely they are to subscribe to your newsletter.

Ask For Email Sign-ups WIthin Your Contest Entry Form

If you’re running a contest on your website that requires users to enter some personal data to proceed, consider adding a small extra step that would require them to sign up for your newsletter too. You can also emphasize that subscribing to these newsletters will increase their chances of discovering more contests they’d be interested in participating in.

Try Affiliate Advertising

You can ask your affiliates to include an “ad” promoting your newsletter to their website. This ad can redirect users to either your newsletter subscription page or a contest landing page that requires them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Give Your Audience a Sneak Peek

You can “trick” users into signing up for your newsletter by providing them with a part of a resource for free and requiring them to sign up to your newsletter to obtain full access. You can only show them the first few paragraphs of a blog post, for instance, and require them to input certain details to be able to gain full access or download it.

Feature Subscriber-only Benefits

Sometimes people only perform the desired action if it benefits them. Therefore, you can run exclusive promos for your email subscribers only, and remind them that subscribing to your newsletter comes with certain perks. Make sure, however, to post these benefits within your blog posts or social media, so that every user who visits your website or social media accounts know about the subscriber-only perks that your company has to offer.

Instant Offers For First-time Subscribers

People love offers, so it is more likely for them to subscribe to your newsletter if there’s an immediate benefit to it. You can, for instance, promise them a 10% discount for their first purchase, or a more attractive commission fee for their first month of activity from the moment they subscribe to your newsletter.

Use Your Blog Posts To Increase Sign-ups

You can, for instance, embed a newsletter subscription form under your blog posts (if not all of them, at least the most-read ones).

Add Pop-ups To Your Website

You can include pop-ups on your website, urging the website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. You should, however, make sure that this won’t result in frustration. Make your pop-up quick to read, include minimum content, a visible CTA, and an easy-to-click cross for those who do not want to sign up.

Use Your Email Signature

You can link to your newsletter sign-up page within your email signature — this is a cheap and efficient way to expand your contact list.

Make Sure To Indicate The Frequency With Which You Send Your Newsletters Out

Some people are reluctant to subscribe to newsletters, as they want to avoid their inbox to be flooded with countless messages. Consider adding the word monthly or weekly to your newsletter sign-up page. In this way, you might be able to address these fears and get yourself more newsletter subscribers.

Utilize Your “Thank You” Page After The User Signs Up

You can offer your website visitors an incentive to sign up for your newsletter in the so-called “Thank You” pages. Urge them to participate in a refer-a-friend scheme or give them an immediate discount if they subscribe to your newsletter, after performing a specific action.

Use Your Social Media Platforms To Expand Your List Of Email Subscribers

You can, for instance, post on LinkedIn or your Facebook business page and invite your followers to subscribe to your newsletter. At the same time, you can remind them of the perks that come with such subscriptions.

Encourage Your Subscribers To Share And Forward Your Emails

Provide links to useful videos or blog posts from your website and social media channels within your newsletters and encourage your existing subscribers to share these with their contacts. In this way, you will get access to their friends and colleagues and will also potentially expand your contact list. You can add a subscription “CTA” to the bottom of your email to make it easier for the people your email has been forwarded to subscribe to your newsletter.

Create Segmented Lists Of Email Subscribers

Email recipients are more likely to subscribe to your newsletter, or at least one of them if they believe that the information presented in the newsletter is relevant to their interests and business goals. Targeting is key when it comes to email marketing. This can also save your business from losing your existing subscribers, who find some of your content useful but are not happy with receiving multiple emails, which they deem irrelevant.

Guest Blog For Other Websites

Not only do you get to promote your business and get access to the audience of the website you’re blogging at, but you can also expand your subscriber’s list, by including a call-to-action urging them to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Final Thoughts

Surely, you won’t be able to incorporate all these tips, and some of them might not be the most suitable option for your business.

You can, however, keep a note of one or more of these methods and test them to evaluate their impact. Let us know which methods do you use to grow your subscriber’s list and whether you have already tested some of the suggested methods.